This Is What 96 Millions Plastic Balls Looks Like

How To Cover A Water Reservoir

In an attempt to prevent water from vaporizing from a Los Angeles water reservoir, the city officials dumped 96 million black plastic shade balls into the water. The balls are 10 cm in diameter and filled with a bit of water to keep them from flying around, and float on the surface as a huge blanket.

The project has cost $34.5 million and the purpose is to block out the sunshine. This both prevents algae to grow, keep out birds and animals and prevent the water from vaporizing. Drought is a huge problem many places in the US, but this new technique seems to keep the water in place and increase the water quality.

Several other reservoirs are now covered in the same way as it seems to work quite efficiently. According to the experts, the balls last for at least 10 years and is possible to recycle.

Watching the videos below gives me a strange feeling of weird satisfaction.

The video from CBS Evening News.

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