20 Super Creative and Cool Lego Creations in Microscale

Cool Examples of MicroScale Lego Creations

LEGO is one of my absolute favorite toys. Even if I’m getting older now I’m lucky enough to have kids who keep the tradition going and build both new sets along with using the several boxes I have from my childhood.

I  have been increasingly more curious about the micro scale build method. In microscale the builder use ordinary bricks but use them differently. For instance can a headlight brick be used as a window in a house or a couple of round 1×1 pieces can be a tiny human.

I’m constantly looking for cool LEGO creations made in that manner and find it fascinating that the pieces can be used in so many scales. I’m so intrigued when I see pictures of amazing models creative people create and I hope they can boost your design ideas too.

Here are a few of the coolest Lego creations I have found out there made by awesome people:

Microscale Hangar
1 – A super cool hangar with smooth surfaces and clever design. (By Peter Reid on Flickr)

Microscale Mystery Machine
2 – The Scooby-Doo gang and The Mystery Machine cleverly done in micro scale. (By Iain Heath on Flickr)

Microscale Farm
3 – A tiny farm building with pigs and cows. I especially like the use of hands as crops. (By Big_Sal_224 on Flickr)

Futuristic City Lego Microscale Experiment
4 – A great example of a futuristic city in micro scale. Plenty of creative ways to use wheel alloy parts here. (By L.G. Orlando on Flickr)

It is a nice day in Sandy Lego
5 – This dreamy landscape in tiny scale is cleverly built to prevent studs from showing. Look at that cool well and wooden bridge! (By monsterbrick on Flickr)

microscale French Riviera town
6 – Welcome to the French Riviera in Lego micro scale format. All set with palms, hotels and the beachfront with parasols and sunbeds. (By @fgr62 on Flickr)

Microscale Crane Liebherr
7 – A Liebherr Mobile Crane model made with perfection with just enough pieces. It has even got room for a driver in the cab. (By František Hajdekr on Flickr)

Microscale Ships
8 – Battle on the high seas! Perfectly built ships floating of a sea of blue Lego pieces. The use of an ice cream top as gun smoke is always a winner. (By neon relics on Flickr)

Polar Expedition
9 – Neat model of a Polar Expedition through icy landscape. Love the tire tracks and the tiny seals. Looks cold! (By Miro Dudas on Flickr)

Commission - House of God
10 – A superb architectural model of a large church. I like the pathways and how the creator has tilted the whole model 45 degrees in the frame. (By Paul Vermeesch on Flickr)


We Have Lift Off!
11 – Great little space mission scene. The spaceship has lift-off in a ton of gray smoke built from all sorts of parts. (By W. Navarre on Flickr)

Circle of Life
12 – A fairground with a Ferris Wheel at night. The ground is covered with small tents and houses built from mostly 1×2 Technic pieces with a hole. (By Kosmas Santosa on Flickr)

Star Wars Episode VII - First Order Outpost
13 – The symmetry and scale in this one is perfect. It’s a Star Wars Episode VII scene complete with a TIE Fighter, vehicles and a huge army of Stormtroopers. The red vexilloid is also ingeniously built. (By Markus on Flickr)

Dead Mountaineer's Inn
14 -The Dead Mouinaneer’s Inn as the creator has called it, is complete with waterfall and rocks with green moss. I love the creative use of green helmets as treetops and Lego pitchforks as a tall fence around the building. (By Letranger Absurde on Flickr)

Blue Train
15 – Nice micro scale train model on a bridge! The canon part fits perfectly as part of the locomotive. (By Galaktek on Flickr)

Power Station
16 – The grim view of a non-environmentally friendly power station is portrayed in this model. The turquoise colored river states that this is no place to take a swim. Clever use of ice cream tops as smoke. (By Marc Reid on Flickr)

MTR Mountain Top Removal
17 – This fantastic Lego scene of vegetation and trees must have taken time to built up. The tiny machines on the top and the clever use of upside down flower parts as trees makes this one a scene I could study a long time. (By Mike Doyle on Flickr)

18 – Creative use of frogs as cattle and crowbars on the farm machine. (By Cecilie Fritzvold on Flickr)

Robot Drilling Team
19 – Gotta love those tire tracks behind that Robot Drilling machine! (By Peter Reid on Flickr)

Abandoned Sea City
20 -Super cool moc in micro scale of an abandoned Sea City which really looks like it’s going to fall apart. I love abandoned places myself, along with creative Lego creations like this. (By JK Brickworks on Flickr)

Hope you enjoyed these super creative Lego creations in microscale. Please share to your LEGO loving friends. 🙂 See ya.

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Author: Andreas

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  1. Hey this is kool. It took me back to my childhood days, I love the church lol. Continue to build your content, increase your post and pages marginally. Add to your side bar, it’ll help a lot. Good job so far, keep at it. See me at http://featuregadgets.com/ and leave a comment on any post you like

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    • Thanks for the good advice. I will continue working on the side in the upcoming days. I haven’t really got the time to adjust the widgets on the sidebar yet. I will comment on your site. 🙂

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  2. I never had Lego as a kid but my niece is mad on it. She wants to work at Lego as a designer when she leaves school. Some of those images you’ve posted were unreal. Our local toy shop use to have a life size Boba-Fet made from Lego, so as you can guess one of my favorites from this collection was the Tie Fighter and storm troopers by Marcus.
    Nice job I really enjoyed the visuals.

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    • I hope she gets the job as a Lego designer when she gets older. 🙂 It’s my dream job too. I suppose they get a whole lot of candidates for jobs like that. There are so many talented people out there which I have shown in this post. Pictures I find from user created lego models blows me away sometimes. This is surely not the last post about Lego. 🙂

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  3. hi Andreas
    such cool pictures and models! As a child I loved building things. And those tiny scale models are amazing and very creative. it is interesting to see how pieces can be re-purposed for a totally different design. I especially like the use of the green helmets to make the tree tops in #14 and the upside down flowers to make trees in # 17.

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    • I know! It’s awesome. These micro-scale techniques is something I have discovered now when I’m older. I didn’t do that at all when I was young. It’s interesting to see how these creative builders use the bricks in different ways.

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  4. These are very cool to see! I loved Legos when I was younger and spent many hours trying to make awesome creations like these. I can’t wait for my son to start his creations with the Legos I am now going to buy him. I’ll be sure to share when we make something cool. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Thanks for commenting. My son builds all kinds of stuff like I did when I was young. It’s so inspiring and gives me just another excuse to buy more Lego for him. 🙂

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